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In you I have found home by Edidiong Etukudoh

ima mmi!

this is for you,

i plucked this wild ripe mangoes from the heart

of the forest for you

i know i do not have much

but,i love much

and that is everything

come close let me prove

my manhood to you

let me whisper into your ears stories of my adventure

of how i wrestled with the lioness and brought home

her cub

of how i skinned the tiger alive

of how i outran the cheetah in the forest

see! i know the songs of birds and can sing it fluently

i know the ways of the forest



i know i have nothing

but,i have love in abundance

ima,you will never know hunger

oh! i forgot to tell you

i am a dexterous farmer



it is i who toppled great

Okonkwo, the one that

made Amalenze’s back

know dust; i am a great wrestler

it is i…


chai! inemesit mmi ku tang aba

he who has love has everything

see! i had fallen for you long ago

in those seasons when

only brave men could go to war

i remember how you came back home with many heads as accolades to crown your flawlessness in battle

i had fallen for the way you sang and danced to our victory with such careless

abandon, such glee

what more could a woman ask for?

you had everything


inemesit mmi,the day you asked for my name and a dance under that great iroko tree that played host to our

village square,i almost melted with joy

such sonorous charm of a voice to such fierce a warrior,i must say; i was awed and when you danced

your dance steps and the way your chest rose and dropped to the beats of the drum!

i knew it was you who would take me

did you say you own nothing?



see! you own everything

of course! you will be my man today and tomorrow

till eternity comes,

for in you

i have found love

in you i have found life

in you i have found home…


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