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The society today : Indiscipline and disrespect by YakekponoAbasi Adams

Indiscipline is a lack of control in behavior.

To disrespect someone is to act in an insulting way towards them. When you disrespect people, you think very little of them.

If you’re disrespectful, it screams indiscipline and vice-versa.

People will want to know where you come from and who your parents are. Then, they’ll come to a conclusion : you weren’t well brought-up. Or worse, like father, like son / like mother, like daughter. Your parents will be blamed.

At times, when people make the assumptions that you’re following your parent(s)’ negative footsteps, it isn’t always correct.

Who knows how much your parents have strove to imbibe good traits in you, and yet you wouldn’t heed to them?

I feel sorry for such parents.

Indiscipline and disrespect are both causes for alarm in our contemporary society. Some of us are too pertinacious. It is terrible.

I am a firm believer of ‘Age is just a number. Maturity is a state of mind’. It is common among youths, but some adults are guilty of indiscipline and disrespect. And it is very sad. You see an adult whom you believed would be disciplined, but oh, the result is a total turn – off.

One favourite saying of mine, ‘ respect is reciprocal’ is on the verge of losing its meaning. You aren’t respectful to elders or even your peers. Yet you expect another person to respect you. My friend, it’s impossible. Karma will come right back and bite you somewhere…. We all need a little respect from others and to give it in return.

You walk about with your hands in your pockets, pulling a ‘swag’. Needless to say that you don’t notice anybody. You are your own authority.

You’re sitting in a room. An elderly person comes in and there’s no vacant seat. What do you do? I’ll leave that one to you and your conscience.

Nowadays, greeting an elderly person is a problem. There are households where youths wake up and go about their normal chores without greeting their parents. Forget siblings, relatives or neighbors; they don’t even cross their minds. Meanwhile, you’ll be surprised at how they hail their friends.

Talking down and talking back at people are very frightening forms of disrespect. These actions are rude, impolite and offensive.

Some would argue that parents, teachers and society should shoulder

some of the blame for the indiscipline and disrespect amongst today’s youths.

The norms and values of each

community must be transmitted and maintained in order for indiscipline and disrespect to be curbed.

If we desire the appreciation of others, we have to exemplify that respect.

Consistently giving respect to all and discouraging hurtful remarks or gossip would certainly help.


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