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Disbelieving the rain maker by Ak Kingsley

Shhh! “Whatever Nne says about the past is true, things really happened then o”, Nnanna mutters. Ufia was never a fan of Nne’s night gist by the fire place, he would rather join the company of Iquo-mma’s elder siblings in their own fire place, to warm himself and engage in night conversations, not losing sight of Iquo-mma, his secret lover, who would be in the company of other young maidens in the neighborhood. Tonight, Ufia could not avoid Nne’s boring stories of the past, having gone to roast corn and warm some pears for a moment over at Nne’s fire place.

“Listen my grandson”, Nne turns to Nnanna as Ufia ignores the duo, “you see this rainy season, in the past, Ette Ntafiong was the most powerful rain maker around. He was the only rain maker that could speak to the rain and it obeyed. Ntokon, the current rain maker is his grandson, you can see how powerful he is. He is a true blood of Ette Ntafiong Umontong Asukpong Ekarika. I’ve told your father to meet him if he does not want rain to spoil your initiation into ekoong* tomorrow o”. Nnanna nods in agreement. Ufia’s loud sigh could offend even the gods. “Afo ifu ami”, Nne attacks Ufia, “better mind your business. Only etefia ndem Ikono knows if you’re eating all those corns alone. Mtcheeeeew”. Ufia was of the habit of stealing food from Nne’s hut to share with Iquo-mma at a nocturnal rendezvous point.

Tonight, Ufia would dare argue with Nne about the potency of the rain maker, a development that made Nne to conclude that he was indeed out of his mind. “Nne song da kanga ise”, Ufia interrupts, “is anybody still believing that hungry old man? a fake diviner at that”, referring to Ntokon the rain maker. “See, that poor man has no power to control the rain o. Remember how his wife’s crops were not growing well last dry season, why didn’t he make the rain to fall at least on his wife’s farmland? Please forget him. And that his grand father, he must have been the one who passed down this deceit”. Nnanna quickly rebukes him, warning against disbelieving the rain maker. Before he could finish talking, Ufia disappeared into the dark with the roasted corns and pears. He was obviously going to meet Iquo-mma.

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