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Adieu by Luci Fer

I stand at shore,

Watching you sail away,

In my heart I bleed,

From my eyes tears drop,



You said you loved me,

I saw it in your eyes,

But you want something more,

That I cannot give.



You want to be surprised,

And not see it coming,

You want love to sweep you away,

And land you in wonderland.



You said we could be friends,

That I’m not sure of,

I can’t bear to see you smile,

And be reminded I can’t have you.



I hope the winds guide you,

I hope the moon stays,

I hope the sun be mild,

I hope you find what you desire.



I’ll stand ashore and wait,

I don’t know how long either,

Maybe you’ll change your mind,

And turn around to me.



If you find love,

Do not forget me,

If you do not,

Please come back to me.



This is my last word to you,

I won’t say another,

From here on,

Silence will be my bed.



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