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Beast in a King {Act 1, Scene 1} by Patrick Amaefule

Dramatis Personae


Vasilis Vinicius III  -The King of Tarius

Insigne –  Captain of the Roman Army.

Giorgios Giannis – Vinicius Counsellor

Petros Glykos      -Noble man

Christos Matos – Trusted ally of Vinicius

Stefanos Arividis – Butcher / Blacksmith

Lefteris Rasmus – Knight of Arianna

Arianna Vinicius – Queen Mother.

Andela  – Insigne’s wife / Queen of Tarius.

Aggie – The spiritual healer

Jairos Rosas – Noble man

Alexandros Bastos – Noble man.

Makos Giakos – Vinicius Cupbearer

Digne – General of Tarius Army.

Eraklis Makis – Captain of Tarius Army.

Lazaros Zaharios – Physician of the royal family

Tiberios Berios – Attendant of Andela

Vitellius Vinicius –  King Vinicius’Cousin.

Valessa Vinicius – Vitellius sister.

Agafya – Daughter of Glykos .

Agnieszka Vinicius – Princess of Tarius

Linus Icarus – Prisoner

Ares Lulu – Noble man of Tarius

Gus Aristide – gent

Ciro Gennaro- Roman general

Golias – Roman spy

Athena Minos – Insigne’s wife

Pastore – Insigne’s trusted ally.

Baggio Del Navarro- Prince of Rome

Vangelis  Oddo – High Priest

Leventis – Priest

Ambrosine – Forest keeper.

Pasas – The messenger of the royal Family.

Roman soldiers , Guards, Soldiers , Attendants ,citizens of Tarius..





BEAST IN A KING  ( Vinicius ) Act 1 Scene 1


It’s a transition period from summer to winter times. The latitude is in mid- to high volume, with unhealthy temperate season in which shedding of leaves from deciduous trees becomes noticeably prevalent, trees bring their all-round coloration and shed their leaves as temperature drops.


Maple trees with red leaves are very predominant amongst others, and they give fiery colours of “fall” in the land of Tarius .


The day is not so bright but cool , sky turns grey , the amount of useable daylight drops rapidly , and many Tariusians turn inwardly , both mentally, physically and spiritually.


A forested hill over Amethyst river in view.

Ambrosine is seen walking barefoot in the dry grass along the pumpkin patch owned by the Vinicius family , a work site where all enslaved women in prison are forcefully brought daily to perform hard labour .There are no exceptions to the rules .


Ambrosine continues to walk along the path of the squash patch. He is considered as the keeper of the forest because he dwells there daily. He is a psyche , he sees the evil before it comes but he cant prevent it.


He knows those that perpetuate evil in the land, but he can’t stop them. He is not considered as a sane man and everything he said about Vinicius life style is almost whisked away .


Nobody takes him serious . One thing in his mind as he walks along the patch is to remonstrate before the square, which is a few metres away from The Vinicius Palace , commonly known as “Adiel” by Tariusians.


Only Ambrosine knows what he wants to do and how he wants it done. With hairy black moles at about every part of his body, Ambrosine looks exactly as the ethereal tool of evil that performs hideous things in the land of Tarius.


Still walking barefoot , he crosses many woodlands and heads towards the city. Still murmuring and lamenting sepulchrally.


AMBROSINE : (Gazing in the grey sky) Aegeus , servant of Great Adonias, you are charged with maintaining the stability in the land of Tarius. You preside over the hours of the day and night. What has happened?  Tarius has been abandoned , neglected because the evil one is on the throne. Vinicius reigns and everyone is targeted . The rich and poor. The old and young. Males are molested while females are raped. Virgins are scarified in high and secret places in order to appease their high priests. What has never been heard-of in the land has become a norm in Tarius. And no one is talking.(He covers his ever-growing black moles with a veil) Would Tarius ever see the light of the day again?


[Exeunt ]


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