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Mohcoleth – 1 Hell’s Roulette (Episode 12) by Evan Promise

Read the previous episode here. 


It took quite long for it to dawn on Steve that he’d been abandoned and alone. He managed to find the wall nearest to him, and sat down, leaning on it. He had to think and come up with a plan.


After few minutes of thinking, Steve decided it best to head to Jade and talk to his master, but he’ll have to make a stop at the temple first to pick up the Godstone. He closed his eyes and willed himself to the temple of the sons of God. He opened his eyes and found himself there. He went straight to his ancestor’s temple and picked the Godstone. On picking it, his whole body vibrated and he felt an immense power flow through him. He closed his eyes and willed himself to Jade and immediately found himself in a vast open space on Jade.


He moved around, hoping to come across a familiar landmark that will lead him to his master’s place. After walking for long and not finding any familiar place, he remembered he still had the stone, and willed himself to his master’s place. He was surprised to find his parents sitting down with his master round a table and discussing. He tried to eavesdrop on them, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. Out of frustration, he tightened his hold on the godstone and the voices of his parents and master became amplified, making it able for him to hear them clearly.


“…promised to help us put him under control. At this rate, he’ll get into trouble soon and might meet his death.” He heard his mother say.

“I’m trying my best to teach him everything he needs to know. I don’t think it’s best to control him. He needs to know what he is, in order for him to take charge of his life and be able to control himself.” That was clearly his master’s voice.

“Sooner than later, the angels are going to come for him once he slips up, and you know what that means. He needs to master this now, so he’d be prepared to face them when the time comes.” His master added.

“My son is not going to join our ancestors. I’ll rather choose to be obliterated than to let my son go down there. Just do what you can to put him under check” That was his father.

“When next are we expecting him? His mum asked to no one in particular.


“Oh…I’m right here.” Steve, unable to hold himself back, stepped out into the open and walked straight to the table after few minutes of observing them. He bowed before the trio and joined them on the table, taking the nearest sit beside him…one that was directly opposite his master.


He kept smiling at them, as they stared at him with mouths agape, surprised to see him there.


“Dad, Mom, Master… it’s nice to meet y’all too.” He acknowledged them again, finally breaking the silence.

“Speaking of the devil…” His master, still stupefied, managed to utter in a low voice.

“Welcome son, we were just talking about you.” His dad first shook himself out of the reverie. “We weren’t expecting you to come around soon.”

“Yeah, I know…and I’m happy I came, thanks to this” He fondled the godstone a little bit, raising it up for them to see.  “It’s really surprising what one can get to hear or learn about one’s self when one comes around unexpected or unannounced.” He looked into their eyes, one after the other.


“The Godstone…where did you get that?” His master asked, reaching out for Steve to hand it over to him.

Steve withdrew his hand quickly. “What are you trying to do? Take this one away from me too?” His voice rose. He was getting angry.


His parents rose to leave, knowing it was best to let him be.

“I’ll see you soon son. We just don’t want you to get into trouble. You may not understand now, but you will later.” His father said to him before leaving, dragging his mum along with him.


“For what it’s worth…” He’s master managed to speak up after his parents left. “…they meant well. We all do. We care for you…we don’t want you to get hurt”

“We’ll talk about that later. Right now, I need your help, and the least you could do for me now is to help me figure this out” Steve said, placing  the godstone on top of the table, but out of his master’s reach. “Pardon me if I no longer trust you enough to let you touch it”


His master shook his head and sighed.

“That’s the godstone, the first version of the philosopher stone. It is a very powerful tool and can be dangerous when it falls into wrong hands. Be careful not to lose it. His master said standing up.

He reached to the top of his shelf and brought down a book.

“Everything you need to know is in this book. I’m sorry I can’t really be of much help to you, if you no longer trust me.” He dropped the book on top of the table and left the room.


Steve picked the book and flipped through it. He noticed it was written by his master and sure enough, it was all about the Godstone and it explained in detail how it worked. He relaxed and went through it cover to cover. He hoped his master would be back before he’d be done, as it dawned on him while reading the book that he didn’t know the next step to take after reading it.


When his master didn’t show up long after he was done reading the book, Steve decided to reach home first and check on Tess. He picked up one of his master’s books on the seven realms, and the book on the godstone and willed himself back to earth.


He found himself on the bed in his room, just as the book had predicted he would if he imagined himself on his bed or anywhere else. He checked the time and date…he was only gone for just six hours and twenty-five minutes.


©Evan Promise 2017


To be continued



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