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Aphrodisiacs are killing you by YakekponoAbasi Adams

In the pursuit of sexual success and fertility, the moon and everything under it have been touted as aphrodisiacs by some persons or culture. Love potion peddlers stop at nothing to sell their sexual wares.

More and more people seem to be having sexual problems; or that seems to be the impression. What else is one expected to think when one is constantly harassed with a barrage of sexual potency, penile enlargement, vagina tightening drugs and aphrodisiacs.

These days, it is almost impossible to go to markets and not be harassed with one aphrodisiac or the other. Sometimes, you just need to take a walk down the road and ‘voila’ there is someone calling on you to by a sexually related drug of any sort.

According to wordweb, an aphrodisiac is a drug or other agent that stimulates sexual desire.

Aphrodisiacs were used mainly by the elderly who needed sexual help. Surprisingly, the case is the opposite currently.

The youths, including teenagers have all jumped onto the bandwagon of aphrodisiac use. Youths now form the majority of sex-related drugs’ users.

In a recent survey I did, people who were between the ages of sixteen(16) and thirty (30) admitted having used a form of sex-enhancement drug either once or consistently.

Some of these young men and women even described the advantages of the use of these drugs.


In trying to find out why patronage of sex-enhancement drugs is on the rise, a young man told me, that ladies are increasingly becoming sexually insatiable. He says he fears his girlfriend will leave him if he fails to satisfy her sexually.

Inasmuch as some ladies agreed that sexual satisfaction was key to them in any romantic relationship, they also pointed out that the situation was both ways, adding that men drove them to also use aphrodisiacs and vagina-

tightening concoctions. They said the men are just too demanding and expect too much when it comes to sex.

The issue of which of the sexes is more sexually demanding could be left for future debate.

But in all these arguments, one cannot help but wonder if this proliferation of sex-enhancement drugs is a result of increasing sexual promiscuity in our society.

Whatever the causes are, it is evident the dangers of the use and abuse of these drugs at present and in future are great and far reaching.

Health experts have on numerous occasions warned that, the use of aphrodisiacs and other sexual enhancement drugs have negative ramifications including prolong erection, mental disorders, long term impotency and heart failures.

But despite these negative effects associated with the use of aphrodisiacs and other sexual booster drugs that have left many, predominantly the youths with various stages of diseases, its use is still on the ascendancy.

This dangerous lifestyle has become common. Another young man told me he takes such drugs with the aim of punishing women in bed. You’re rather punishing yourself, my friend, because you might become impotent at age 40.

Our vibrant youths do not need any assistance in the form of medicines to aid sexual performance since they are still sexually strong.

Elderly males who take aphrodisiac drugs without medical approval should stop. Let a medical doctor give a diagnosis and prescribe it for you. If we all become unable to bear children, our future is doomed.

Help save young men and women who have suddenly started using medication where there is no disease at all. The call is for all well-meaning individuals to put their resources to work in fighting a battle of psychological, physical and even spiritual dimensions: It will save us the disaster of an impotent generation in future.


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