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Beast in a King (Act 1, Scene 5) by Patrick Amaefule

Read the previous scene here. 


In Adiel Palace . Evening of the same day . Servants of the royal palace are seeing going to and from their usual duty calls. Soldiers are seen standing sentinel at every corner in the building while a few are seen walking in and out of the castle in a small group , to what seems like a visitation to deliver reports. Their quick match clatters on the floor and creates series of rattling sound that resonates in the building.


Nobody knows the temptations of some servitors in Adiel. Especially the ones regarded as more handsome ,or most beautiful.


A huge part of the family is lost in the sea of same-sex life style, sexual exchange amongst the members of the royal family and their attendants is prevalent . Sensual propensity between masters of the palace and their servitors is on the rise.


Something The Vinicius revels in so much as if it’s part of what they are instituted to observe in Adiel .

But this was never seen in the ‘before’.


The Vinicius has turned to a sexually-oriented family.

Every master swears their boys and mistresses to secrecy.


In the upshot of that evening Queen Andela is seen walking swiftly into her chamber . She dons a heavily  majestic crimson apparel that flushes over her feet. She drags them while connecting to another door-way into an inner chamber.


A young servant is seen following behind the queen as she links up from one room to another. Finally she makes a stop , the young servant follows suit. For Heaven sake I have been starving to death. Her thought.


The young servant is startled , not knowing while he is asked into this ‘forbidden’ chambers that only the royal family has right to access. He stands nervously in the door way .


She makes a gesticulation for the door to be locked given how necessary it is to maintain confidentiality.


ANDELA : ( Smiles slyly and gestures) Come-on in and close the door behind you .


The servant is such a handsome young man considered as one of the most brightest servitors in the royal palace. For his stature , he is taller than most male servants in Adiel palace and much broader in the shoulders but retains a boyish look. He looks like the Romans with his bristled jet-black hairs and a gentle brown eyes.


His boldness and frowns makes him inaccessible to anyone’s desire. It’s not clever to love any man’s face , not in Adiel Palace.


As he reaches to close the door , the fear that overwhelms him makes his hands to shake. Slowly he manages to close to door and looks around the walls of the beautiful chamber with it’s many architectural designs , the old statue of Vinicius 1 with what seems like a scepter in his right hand, a mark of sovereignty. Tiberios appreciates this legacy.


Then his mind starts working over the consequences of this secret meeting. He tries to avoid seduction , out of his respect for Queen Andela’s throne and position, out of his respect that she has a husband who speaks of justice for everyone. Tiberios Berios tries to avoid it :


TIBERIOS : ( Startles ) Your -Your Highness .What will  the King think when he learns about this ? The king won’t spare me the moment he learns about it . I will be dead.


She ignores the question and watches him with special light on her face that indicates desire in a woman . She is delighted with his presence: His chest region reveals a curly chestnut hairs well-trimmed , a side mustaches well-carved which makes him look older ,though he is just twenty-one.


Being naive of her presence , he brings his face down, slowly , in a benediction. He steps away from the door. But he couldn’t keep away from her, she leans forward and the swelling of her bust brushes his chest and the diffuse-scent of her body makes his feeling as hot as if he is standing before a furnace .


ANDELA : ( Utters silently ) At the time when I think Vinicius will make me happy he turned into an animal .(Pulling herself closer to his) Isn’t animal better than what he has turned into?


TIBERIOS : ( In full fear) But–but Your-Your High-


ANDELA : (She puts her dedo índice across his mouth to hush him)  Vinicius is his own man. He would not have nothing more to do with me. He has been so engrossed in the homosexual life style and that has more influence with him than me.


The news of that makes his face to go wintry and his face begins to brew up nervousness of an ignorant young man. She pushes him to a chair, asking him to close his eyes and undresses herself. She is naive and doesn’t want him to see her nakedness. Not this first time.


Completely naked. She advances close to him. For a moment her thigh rests on his arm and he feels the soft skin and sensation that it transfers makes him appear completely serene.


Eyes still closed. He thinks about her beauty and why her husband ignores his sexual role on such an elegant goddess and allows her to be starved of sex in all her finery.


Though he dreams of a moment like this , Tiberios dreads of the act of being into a woman of the royal family. She calls out to him silently , she touches

his chest and urges him that she is in great need of love-making. She says that casually but with a gentle affection so that he doesn’t reject her.


He is aware what all this means but doesn’t want to initiate any advances until all odds turn to favour him.


She starts running her hand through a part of his knotted hairs and takes him by hand and leads him to the side of the majestic bed adorned with gold.


While she leads him to the side of the bed her body and bust brush against his chest and he feels the sudden desire to run his hands over to her bosom.But until all odds favour me. His thought.


For Tiberios’ height , she swivels her curved hips to adjust to a more comfortable position and effortfully stands on her toes to reach out to his mouth. She

envelops his mouth with hers and both mouths glue.


Their fondness at first meet seems to ignite a spark that rouses into a wild passion which wraps her long period of chaste sexual hunger.


Tiberios has never made love to a woman before but only heard about what love-making means. For the first time in his life he lost all sense of himself and his lowly state.


Queen Andela’s body begins to lush , it heats up with summering sensation that sends a signal to Tiberios marrows. He opens his eyes at the flout of previous order and observes that her bosom are swollen than he has imagined her in those majestic garments that have disguised their fullness.


At the sight of her smooth naked skin he feels the blood pounding in his heart. On a liberal manner he quickly undresses himself and they unanimously pull each other to the bed, making love and groaning in an agonized tone. It is not so clear what the whisper  means.


Then comes a feel of satisfaction at the end of it, they cling against each other’s body. He moves away suddenly. He is startled by tears rolling down her cheek. He reaches out and pulls her closely. He holds her very close to his chest.


His heartbeat is racing too fast that she opens her ear to listen to it. She cuddles in his arms and feels the tropical sensation that has never been felt in years .


ANDELA : ( Feeling unsecured ) Nobody hears about this . Swear to secrecy.


TIBERIOS : ( Looking down to meet her gaze ) Nobody hears about it , Your Highness. My life depends on it , Your Highness.


As he looks around the beautiful designs on the wall his face has gone springing suddenly and he jumps out of the bed and starts to dress up. His mind is working over the entire period of romance.


He feels debased at the succumb but there is a sense of elation that Queen Andela is not feeling dismayed, but full of smiles.


TIBERIOS : ( Shaking and set to leave ) Your Highness , it’s time I leave against any stroke of happenstance. ( Filling braced up ) In my room , I will dream about you every night .


[Exit Tiberios, rushing out ]


Queen Andela feels wrapped by the statement . She only manages a nod and smiles largely. He has made her evening. Her thought.




To be continued


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