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World Apart in One by Akinsimoye Samuel Omoniyi

For them:

TGIF! It’s weekend;

The ATM vomits its cods,

Unwinding at the bars,

The cinema’s got a blockbuster!

Yes,…pizza… barbeque… red wine…chicken…

…come on, keep the change girl, it’s weekend!


Campuses empty for “World-Trade-Centers”;

Hey, Two nights, Sunday’s off…your bill

…turn on the gen. set boy! It’s weekend!


For us:

We wake to trader’s knock,

Farmers got to make thousand heaps,

Laundry man washes his palms off,

Bar attendants serve till time is still,

Prostitutes, pounded for few pounds,

‘Big brothers’ rob us to pay our bills,

The maid knocked out without recharge;


Labourer needs refill:


“No…three coooold pure water”

“And wetin?”

“And, ehn…one groundnut.”


“Add one bons biscuit,

Put am for nylon”

It’s glaring why;

Their WEEKends earn us WEAKends!


At our homes,

“We’re fasting today[no prayer point]”

“Idiot children! Drink water and be fine”

“Go meet your mother!”

“Are you blind?”

“Turn off the lantern, tomorrow’s Church…”

… and so is our weakend!




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