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Freestyle For Mother by Jurgen Namupira (Troy)

Dawn has struck upon me,

I wake up feeling like a man

That which I have always longed for;

Taller than some few years back,

Healthier than yesterday,

Survived them all,

The six child killer diseases,

When I was bed ridden she prayed with me,

Taught me how to survive;

In a word of diversity,

She showed me right from wrong.

Hahahaha I’m big enough to carry had on my back,

But she was the first to back me.

I wasn’t there but I know,

Those stinky diapers she;

Never hesitated to take off me

And I never cared,

Today I feel it’s a taboo

Having her undress me.

What a funny world indeed.

But she understands it all,

She raised me up,

The man in me is her effort.

In my success she will always smile,

In my sorrows she will be worried.

In my happiness she will be comfortable.

She is a super mommy.



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