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There is a waiting period

I needed to get some documents few months ago failing which I could lose something I loved doing.


I went to several departmental authorities, following leads. I pursued these leads religiously without giving up. It was so exhausting that someone had to ask me, do you usually experience this? I asked, what do you mean? She responded; in life, some people find it hard to achieve things. Hmm, that is true but I doubt that is the case here I said.


In order to get this document, my family had to make several decisions and make a major change. It was not easy but we had to do it. When it looked like we have achieved the desired result, we saw the door gradually closing. We took another leap of faith to another department to ensure we get what we wanted. The woman we met at the reception said it is possible to get it by directing us to the appropriate office but she added, “THERE IS A WAITING PERIOD”. I explained that but this cannot wait as I stand to lose this and that. She looked at me sternly in the eyes and repeated, “Unfortunately THERE IS A WAITING PERIOD”.


My family went back to the car to start another journey to this office she directed us to. As we were sat in the car, I heard a word. Indeed, there is a waiting period but oh, many people will have to wait. The voice said Hannah as you are waiting; those who need this document from you will have to wait for you. I keyed into this revelation.


I called those who needed the document and said I am sorry this is the situation and I understand if you will want to move ahead but the response from the other end of the phone was “Oh let’s stay positive for you”.


They waited and they waited until I got the document.

Indeed, there is a waiting period. I want you to know that God has a reason for everything. If He wants you to wait, He has a reason. If He gives you on time, He has a reason.


I declare by the power of the Almighty Jehovah that those who need to wait for you in order to get to your destination, achieve that goal, go to that next level, will wait for you in Jesus name.


See, God may delay it but He will not deny you of that good thing. Be strong in the Lord and the power of His Might. He did it for me; He will do it for you. Join me to bless His Holy name. Amen




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