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What To Stock In Your New Art Supply Store by Mario Cora

There are so many types of art supplies, which can be bought for completing classroom tasks or for preparing a master piece by professional artists. If you are wondering how you should even start brushing up on the many types and brands of art supplies that are being sold these days, you can easily rectify that by going online and doing some research, asking for feedback or opinion of people who are in art or are knowledgeable about them. Starting an art supply store is also a wonderful idea. A lot of countries all over the world have many art supplies stores because they are quite profitable ventures. You can definitely set up shop and start your own art supply store if you have enough knowledge about the trade and are imaginative enough to stick to it.

The total budget needed to start a serious business will depend on the location of the store, the type and the amount of art supplies that will be placed, number of staff, promotional charges and so on. Getting personal loans from family and friends for your initial investment into the business is a common way to get started. If you hope to immediately start earning as soon as your sales start coming in, you have to brush up on the latest and relevant business tactics and technical know-how regarding the line of business you are in which is, of course, art supplies.

In order to gain basic knowledge, you can refer to books or net. There are also some introductory classes that you can enroll in..

When you are setting up a general store, location is not of great importance. For specialized stores, however, you must think a lot about your store location. It should be somewhere in, or close by, a university or a school. If the university has fine arts related programs, this will be an added advantage. The more population or human traffic there is in the area, the better it will be for your business.


You should also decide early on whether you will be a wholesaler or a retailer. Get your art supplies inventory from a wholesaler of said products. Then you should draw up an inventory of items that you would need for your store. Paints, water colors, brush sets, shimmers, papers and other drawing media, drawing stands and more advanced easels, specialty items, and others can be included. There are so many accessories like knives, palettes, cutters, scissors, and mount cutters and so on, that will be required for arts and craft works for schools.

As for canvases, you can sell simple canvases and sketched canvases. Easels are a wonderful choice if you want to specialize in selling certain art supplies. You can choose from the most popular table easels and studio easels. Field easels and mount boards are also good alternatives. Sketching surfaces, watercolor surfaces are also sold in wide range of sizes and shapes. There is a lot of profit to be made from selling coloring items, particularly acrylic and water colors, since they are the most widely used ones. There are also shops that sell Gouache colors. Basically, Gouache is water-based paint. It’s pretty much the same as regular water colors. It is opaque, thanks to its chalk ingredient.


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