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Wedding gown: Rent or buy by YakekponoAbasi Adams 

The most exciting part of the wedding for most brides, is wearing the perfect wedding dress on the wedding day. They always dream about looking gorgeous in their swirling outfits and unforgettable in the eyes of the groom and the guests. So, the cost of the dress is an important consideration.

Renting items for your wedding is not a new trend. For years, couples have rented any number of important wedding elements, from tuxedos to chairs and tables for the reception. Couples can even rent a fake wedding cake to display on their cake table while their guests eat from an inexpensive sheet cake. Renting a wedding dress is the latest tool for couples who want to throw a dream wedding without a huge budget.

At the same time, luxurious designer wedding gowns have become incredibly popular with today’s brides. However, unless the bride is independently wealthy, she probably can’t afford to purchase a $12,000 dress and still have enough room in the budget to hire a photographer and caterer.

If you buy your wedding dress, not only will you have a larger selection of gowns to choose from, you won’t have any time restrictions, and can alter it for a perfect fit. You won’t pay any damage fees. In fact, you won’t have to worry about a single smudge or drop of dirt.

Usually if you buy a wedding dress, you’ll need to do something with it after your wedding. Some brides store their wedding dress for years in the closet, never to wear it again. Other brides may plan to invite their future daughters to wear the dress when they get married. However, twenty years after your wedding, tastes will have probably changed; your once-stylish wedding dress may be an embarrassing reminder of an outdated fashion trend.


Rentals are quite a practical solution for those who consider budget as well as long-term utility. It cuts costs by half. You save valuable money that can be used on the new house. Sometimes bridal packages come with accessories like veil, shoes etc. If you have storage problems, renting and returning the dress solves this problem.

However, there is a flip side to it too. You have a limited selection, as you have to choose from the limited designs available for rental in the store. In many cases, you cannot make alterations and can only choose a size nearing your size. If the dress you love doesn’t fit, you have to go for another one. You may also have to pay

separately for alteration charges. You also have to be very careful the whole time not to damage the dress as it has to be returned and you will have to pay for any damages. If it is badly damaged, you may end up having to buy the dress.

By choosing to rent a dress, a bride can wear the wedding dress of her dreams, regardless of her financial background. Most brides have to purchase a dress months before the wedding so that a professional tailor can alter the dress to make it fit. Even after the dress is ready, the bride may lose or gain weight, causing the dress to no longer fit. If a bride chooses to rent a gown, however, she will have an easier time finding a dress that fits on the first try. Although most rental stores carry a limited number of dress styles, they typically have those same styles available in many different sizes. If your weight does change before your wedding, you can easily move up or down a size.

The ultimate decision on whether to rent or buy, rests on the individual. Both have their pros and cons. A big budget, grand wedding type may definitely go in for an exclusive designer wedding dress. A sweet little, but practical wedding type may go in for a rented wedding dress. All eyes are usually on the bride during the whole ceremony and reception, but no one need know whether the dress is designer or rented, as long as the bride looks happy and ravishing.



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