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Is it a group date? By YakekponoAbasi Adams

I was talking to a male friend of mine and he told me that recently, he asked

this girl out on a date. When she arrived, she was with 3 of her friends. He quickly told the taxi driver, ”Don’t leave, you are taking these girls back, here is the money”.

Phew! Anybody else noticed this trend? In your case, she might not have brought 3 of her friends, maybe less or more. You might not have paid the taxi fare and asked the driver to take them back. You might have played the role of a gentleman, unlike my friend. What’s worse?

Some girls don’t even give you a heads up before bringing along their unwelcomed escort(s).

You should have seen the facial expressions of some guys while they shared their ordeals with me. One said when he asked his date why she brought her friend along, she replied, ”Well, I just met you. I thought I should bring my friend along so I feel safe.”

When you think of it, can your friend REALLY make you feel safe? Probably. But definitely not when the guy drugs and rapes both of you.

Other guys were concerned about having to spend more money on drinks and food. Since she brought her friends along, you have to pay more. What happens when you’re not with that amount of money? Her friends get to know you’re broke and talk her out of dating you.

Worse, the guy flees the scene, leaving the ladies to either pay for the expenses or be abashed. I can’t even begin to imagine what would happen if the girls and her friends aren’t with cash or credit card. Perhaps, they could trade their watches, shoes, bags or phone?

For some guys, it is just the fact that they can’t charm the pants off the girl. “I have never banged a girl that came with a friend to a date. However, if she is alone, I could try kissing her and see where things lead to. But with her friend(s) there, they’ll glare at me. If a girl brings her friend(s) along with her to a date, I’m out. I don’t care how hot she is.”, was what another young man had to say.

Has anyone tried going along with this, just to end up giving the friend (too much) attention, causing drama and that jealousy wheel starts spinning? Your date gets jealous and you say in your head, “You brought it on yourself”.


Moreover, if the friend(s) don’t like the guy, there’s a high chance of losing the girl. So, guys want you to come ALONE to that date, unless they agree beforehand that you bring your friend(s).

For the ladies, some said it has to do with the culture. Sort of a chaperone method of dating. It keeps a lady from getting laid on the first date and forces most men to be gentlemen.

“It’s good for ladies to do that because some guys like to flaunt money. If the guy has money and isn’t flaunting, cool, I won’t go with my friends. But, if he is flaunting, I will go with my friends. However,I will have to let him know that I’m not coming alone.”, was what a lady had to say.

For another who seems to care a lot about what happens to her, this was what she said “I can’t go with my friends because I don’t know his financial stability. Maybe he has plans of running away without paying, hence I need myself alone so I can pay my way out”.

Other ladies expressed concern over the fact that your friend might snatch the guy from you.

For some, you don’t have privacy and can’t get to know the guy more especially if it’s a first date.

It’s one thing to tell your friend(s) where you’re meeting someone – that’s a security issue, and I get that. But your friend(s) participating in the date?

No. Is it a group date? A double date? Makes no sense to me.



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