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Be patient and let God have His way

A colleague was sharing her journey over the years with me, and she ended it by saying, “Oh I know someone is up there. Now, I believe it”. My conclusion from her story was that God ordered her steps. It was so rough for her, but anyone that hears this story will know that this didn’t just happen. Someone is truly up there according to her words watching over her.


I have come this far running this race, holding on to the belief that no matter how much we try, or the amount of effort we put in, if it is not the appointed time, there is nothing we can do. We just have to wait patiently on God. But in all the efforts and time, there is something for you to learn and pass to others.


I have been through situations and in the end I have to accept that God did it intentionally because He knew the end was not the only way but the best way.


No matter what you are going through, hold-on to God knowing fully well that the vision shall speak.


We all know by now that when we rush into a union that is not God ordained, then we rush out. When we accept a job offer that is not meant for us, we struggle, when we get involve in matters that are not meant for us to interfere in, we come out hurt and we have all come to the realization that if God does not build, we build in vain.


My prayer is that we do not build in vain.


It can be difficult, but I want to encourage you to stop running around, be diligent but do not force things, and above all, let your prayers be fervent.


Have a beautiful weekend.




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