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To be a child again by Aaron Boluwatife Ajibola 

Wouldn’t it be so amazing if it were possible for you to become a child again? Where you do not have to worry about a thing. You can play all day, who cares? Smiling will not be a difficult thing. Fears and troubles of this world will be lifted off your shoulders.  Wouldn’t it be amazing?

One of the most precious thing we have to forfeit as we grow up is the gift of childhood. It was the best time for most of us, indeed it was a special gift offered to man by default but it slip from us as we stretch forth our hands to reach for adulthood.

We have unconsciously traded this happy life, called childhood with a more cumbersome one called adulthood. If many had realized how much this trade would have cost them, I bet so many will never wish to grow up into this life called adulthood.

The other day, I watched two kids who met for the first time. I watched them as they made this bond of friendship in just few seconds – seconds shorter than needed to even pronounce the word ‘friendship’.

There is this joy in children and everyone of us have it as children. That true happiness that you don’t need to force out. That smile that is genuine from a depth of a heart filled with love. Although kids do have their differences even from childhood. Some are quiet and some tend to be very social from little. But never the less,  every kid will return every gesture of smiling back with a smile or sometimes a seemingly unnecessary burst of laughter. This shows a level of pure happiness that is deep down inside them.

So, if being a child comes with this much joy, freedom from worries and so much laughter, how did we lose it? This joy is not as pronounced in adults. Why are children happy but the adults seems not to be? Why do children always find it easy to do away with grudges but as adults we hold on to it forever?

I read that the brain cells are the longest living cells in the body. That means this knowledge of happiness and joy that we have has kids must still be there somewhere in our brain. They did not die through the process of apoptosis. As a matter of fact, they were only hidden by the feelings of – grief, fear, failure, success – and every other thing we learn as we grow into adults.

Don’t you ever wonder where that kind heart that does not only forgive but also forget other people’s mistakes is?

To be a child again I cry. Because a lot has been lost in our lives as we metamorphosis from this lovable Kids into adults.

Considering only few of them am sure you should be able to relate to what am trying to say.

Forgiving spirit: I still remember clearly one of my childhood experiences. There is one of my friends that we can not do but to fight that up to a point people no longer try to caution us when we fight because within few minutes after the fight we are back to normal. We are the best of friends again. No wonder people no longer bother to caution us when we fight again. Because they cannot just understand how we do it. No lies, we both have forgotten what has happened. If at all there is anything we remember, it is just the funny memories it has left us. Don’t you wonder why as adults to even forgive becomes a very difficult task? (But as kids trying to remember is very easy to forget.) We need to bring back this spirit once again.

Passion for learning: kids give their rapt attention to what ever they find themselves doing. They are the ones who still believe in the saying: “whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.” Although they can be easily distracted at times, when the focus on a thing it’s for real – they mean it! Where is this passion? It has all been swallowed up by age. It has been hidden in the years taken to transit from this ecstatic being – children, into a work laden adult.

There are several other things that is missing as we grow into adults. Examples like true love. There is a genuine love in children that even Jesus in the Bible urges everyone to love like them. Boldness is common to them. They do not have in their vocabulary the word inferiority complex. Even a shy kid will still stun you with the level of boldness in them. Kids are unique and should be our greatest role model when it comes to telling the truth.

It is of no doubt that we must grow up and leave being a child. But must we leave all these great memories of childhood in exchange for a tiring adult life? If being a child makes us happy and our memories have not being erased, that means that this true virtues has been locked up under layers of things we have learnt in life.  Like the bitter experiences, the deceit and the frustrations we have been through. But wouldn’t we want to be happy again?

To be a child again is not to become childish but to find this true happiness that we were given by nature at birth. When you see little children playing, they all chose the role they want to act themselves. They don’t let life dictate for them. They don’t let friends do as well. One will say I want to be ‘batman’, the other will say, I will like to be a power ranger. And every one of us also wish to be something else. A super hero who will one day save the world or at least save himself. To be a child again I want you to look within and refuse mediocrity because it is something that we learn and that is the reason why this happy memories are seemingly impossible to find.



To be a child again I cry

Who will help me find this joy I lost

It’s hidden deep down I know

But fears holds me tight never to let go


To be a child again I cry

I’ll do all it takes to go back

To a time where everything is pure

A time when sadness is obscure

I hope you will be able to find the courage to be a child again…



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