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What would you do if you’re elected president? By Luci Fer

This question and it’s kind propagate lots of hypocrisy and stupidity. People will just be talking stuff that doesn’t make sense not to talk of being justified.


A whole load of others just come to spill their hate for opposing ideologies. You’ll see a comment from an igbo person condemning and Hausa person and pointing accusing fingers at people that probably weren’t born when things fell apart. Trust Nigerians, this Hausa guy will just attack him headlong causing traffic on Facebook.


Church people will now come and start pushing retarded ideas based on David and Goliath yada yada. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Christian o but not one that cannot call a spade a spade and as far as I’m concerned, a religious person irrespective of his/her belief should not be a leader of a nation.


Atheists, agnostics and free thinkers are running up and down these days. Some have sense. Some do not. Most of the time, we’re blessed with the presence of the foolish ones. You will just be bored with baseless comments, abuse and insults thrown at religion.


Before you know what is happening, LGBT argument will start pouring in. How these things happen, I know not. But although LGBT concerns are vital in this time, I believe it is secondary.


Education is another sub-trend on such posts. While some people will begin to come up with ideas to improve our dead standard and some will outrightly disagree. Others will just choose to criticize without I always enjoy this part because here, illiteracy is most evident.


If the tension seems to be calming, one feminist or anti-feminist will come and pour fuel. At this juncture, if you don’t have seat and popcorn, you’re wrong. Drama will unfold. Insanity will be let loose. Morality will be abused. Intelligence will be shown the door. Just put on your 5D lenses and enjoy the ride. Thank me later.


For me, I don’t know. I won’t say I’ll be fair or biased. I won’t say I transform Nigeria to London. I won’t say I’ll employ qualified people over my friends. I won’t say I will not trample on people who have disrespected me in times past. For me, I hope to make a difference, a good one.


By the way, I actively avoid leadership positions.


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