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A girl I knew by YakekponoAbasi Adams

Her eyes were at once her salvation and despair.

They gave her the means of supporting life,

but they made life hardly worth supporting.

When she loved, she loved with all her heart.

But whenever she spoke of love, she had sadness in her voice.

For her, hope made the present period less difficult to bear.

She owed her solitude to other people.

She might have been a slow walker,

but she never walked backwards.

She had been through shit, but she still smelt nice.

If she never told you of her problems, you’d never know.

Her smiles were captivating, always.

If you treated her like an option, she’d leave you like a choice.

She never confused motion with action.

She knew she could have it all, but not just have it all at once.

You could never make her feel inferior without her consent.

Sometimes, she was simplified because of her simplicity.

She lived so absolutely free that her very existence was an act of rebellion.

She was fun, but could be feisty.

The greatest gift she gave to herself was her own attention.

She could be whatever you wanted her to be; the odds had to be in your favor.

She was a friend to many, but few were her friends.

Her beauty might have been dangerous, but her intelligence was lethal.

She fed her faith and all her fears starved to death.

Wherever she went, no matter the weather, she always took her own sunshine.

She never claimed as a right, that which she should ask as a favor.

She was flawed

Above all, she knew her demons.

A struggle wrapped in strength, she was a girl I knew. She bore a charmed life.


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