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Stop circulating pictures of people on their deathbeds by Bukky Adediran

Please I like to appeal to my beautiful and gorgeous Facebook friends. I see that most of us don’t do this and this makes me happy. Please don’t join the group of people who would never share good things about anything or others but at the slightest chance of bad news, they have no rethink, they begin to share.  It is as bad as people putting up the images of others on their death beds. Instead of using a death bed picture, please use a beautiful one if you have to share.  The truth is that some of these images were stolen or taken without permission.


It’s not fair on those people and it’s not good. Let’s always think very well about what we do. Let’s cultivate the habit of sharing good news. It’s not that we can’t write tribute or give our views on certain social ills or make comments on certain unpleasant situations. We can, but with moderation, openess and sincerity. Don’t be a major sharer of bad things and bad news. The moment something goes wrong with a personality, you run  ahead and air the news, help it spread but when the same person was trying to do well, you turned a blind eye, you never commented let alone shared. Please let’s be careful, what goes round comes round.

Stop sharing the image of people in their death beds, especially when you don’t have the permission to do so and the images were stolen. And if you happen to be a trusted individual that has access to certain situations, be faithful and don’t betray trust, don’t betray the dead. Point of death or transition is a very private and emotional moment.

God bless us all.




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