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War by Dhee Sylvester 

I’m too scared to go to war for you

But baby I can go to war with you

You spread your legs and say,

‘Baby just bring your gun out’

I smile, my tongue slides in cheek,

’cause I’m about to blow your head.

Four rounds of ammunition

I fire and your hips quickly fall back

Soon your body is rocking like a bang

While you scream as my bullets fly

Pale chest, stiff toes, are you dead yet?

You reply, “No. Just shoot me harder!”

My last thrust results in a truce

Our bodies collapses like a climax

The sheets too feels like a war zone

Rough, damp, covered with bodies

Tired, my canon points at the ceiling

You’re breathless, but no moaning

I grin like a pussycat, head aching

Fuck! This war feels like a sex scene!




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