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Worship who you want by Luci Fer

See eh, all these drama about juju and beliefs has shown that no matter how much faith many of us put into our beliefs, we all seem to lack basic and common sense.


We all believe in something that contradicts the next person’s.


We are all humans who search desperately for answers. We have that need to be able to attribute some things to powers or occurrences that transcend our humanity, and there is nothing wrong with that.


Whatever you are, whatever you believe, try not to throw it in people’s faces or challenge their sanity. If atheism, islam, christianity, agnosticism, etc works for you, enjoy!


People are free to believe what they want. They are free to have faith in whatever answers their questions or clears their doubts. It is so normal.


But please,


Try not to mess with things you don’t understand. At least, not foolishly and blindly.



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