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Childhood memory by Luci Fer

Primary four first term.


It was Christmas period toward the close of the term. I bought a toy gun and it’s accompanying pack of bullets.


During break period, I went to our farm area with some classmates and we played ‘war start’.


One of our teachers then, a friend of my dad somehow gave me away. When he came to pick us up, my sister and I, I began the walk from the classroom to the car and surprisingly, dad was coming towards me too.


I didn’t know what happened. I couldn’t figure out why he was coming. Meanwhile, the money that got me the gun was stolen from him two days earlier.


We met in the middle of the school field.


‘Daddy, good afternoon sir.’ I greeted.




I went blank. My head became light and weightless. I felt like a whiff of air could dismember me that instant. Galaxies danced around my head. I didn’t even hear what he said next. Embarrassment was the least of my problems. For all I cared, the pain I felt was incomparable.


I trudged down to the car where my sister was waiting. She tried to comfort me. Not working. I knew the slap was just appetizer. I didn’t just buy the forbidden toy gun, I had stolen to do so.


That day, is still one of the worst days of my life. Right now, I can still feel the slap. Hay God!


That day, is one of the days of my life I’m thankful for. Dad may have struck me, but for the right reasons.


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