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Danger with stranger by Dauda Onawola

Can you shake the ground?

Will you lift the thrones?

Shall we make everything go away?


Bear the pain, will you?

Take a cut, can you?

As we make everything go away.


Devour the beast, can you?

Nurse a monster, will you?

Retain vengeance to evoke revenge, shall we?


Sink in danger with a stranger, can you?

Covenant of truth, truth of the curse,

the outer meager me and inner boundless being.


Deny thy identity yet retain personality, will you?

All the way until our days, be with me, will you?

I will squash the past that we may live in our time

as we consummate my mission, now ours

as you accede.


Along the cycle of existence,

will you elevate my path of nature?

Let’s make everything go away

then let live in paradise commence.


©Dauda Onawola

Wonder Nation®

IG d.phinix


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