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Trying to sleep by YakekponoAbasi Adams


A cow mews.


A dog barks.

A car shifts

Gears as i shift

Sides on my bed.

A baby wails.

A bird hoots,

Wind blows,

Trees rustle,

Twigs fall off.

Roaring cheers

About a TV match.

Oh, how I curse


A bunch of teens

Giggle away, a

Door bangs in

The hallway.

Soft taps of rain,

Thunder roars.

Unshut windows

And latches rattle.

A medley of

Noises. A pillow

Atop my ears,

I try to rest.

I cover my ears,

A feeble attempt

At decibel-arrest,

All to no avail.

I want to scream

At the world and

Its noises of all

Kinds and creed.

Can someone let

The world know,

I am desperately

Trying to sleep.


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