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Path by Surbhi Anand


Life is too hectic

Wherever we move,

We find flame of fire,

Lighted by ourselves.



No, it is not so….

I have a criterion

To discriminate between right and


True and false,

But I’m confused, confounded

Who will plant roses along

My path?

Who will lead me on

Blossomed fragrant route?

I have been wriggling to shatter

Shackles I was bound.



Oh surbhi !

Be anand, dig inner into yourself,

To find the hidden secrets,

Think in calm

Whose gentle caress

Will blush you?

Whose whisper will make your

The symbol of shyness !



I have a faith in my star

But it went astray beyond my access,

Leaving far behind out of it orbit,

I am alone, beaten on the flattened

Path !



I have flames around me

Engulfed in smoke and fume

The sight around me is grim

But by no way, I lost my


I move on with more

Deliberate heart

For I have a hope

You will come to hold my hand

To lead me on the path where

You have planted the roses,

And they have made the

Route fragrant for me !



©®Surbhi Anand

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