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Wasted efforts by YakekponoAbasi Adams

That feeling of your

Efforts being in vain.

You try so hard, but

All your efforts are

Thrown to the wind.

You see the broken

Pieces of your efforts

Floating in mid-air.

The results are

Repeatedly the same.

Anguish, darkness,

Madness. Oh! The

Bile that rises in

Your throat; how

Your stomach churns.

I saw it coming.

I unsuccessfully

Tried to hide my

Fears and tears,

But, all to no avail.

The pressure keeps

Pushing me down.

I even pray for

The earth to open

Up and swallow me.

He has pierced me

With confused fury.

And he has fused

All my nights into

Fevered daydreams.

My solace is not gold

I breathe him in with

Every sigh I take. He

Is bane to my lungs,

The anger in my eyes.

To give everything

To the dirt which

Has nothing is

Futility in the fullest

Sense of the word.


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