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You aren’t all-knowing by Jurgen Namupira Troy

You know rich and arrogant people don’t know what is good for them.


Once upon a time there was a funeral on the block. In this block there lived a rich man who always wanted to distinguish himself from everyone else. On the last day of the funeral he showed up in his white tuxedo hoping to show off his new piece. This he could have achieved if he only had adequate knowledge.

There was this other man, he had mental challenges (we will call him X) and not everyone took him seriously. He sat there, outside the house looking at all the men sitting around him. Around them all were chairs and benches and only one sofa which was not occupied by anyone.

One man came and wanted to sit on the Sofa.

X: excuse me sir

The man: yes, any problem

X: I would advice you not to sit there

The man: why

X: don’t say I didn’t warn you

The man looks closely and examines the sofa and shrugged his soldiers and sat on the bench.

Then came our rich fella. Picking the rich guy’s step across the lawn towards the gathering. His left hand in the pocket he waved at all the single ladies sitting around washing dishes or preparing lunch for the mourners.

He gets where the men were sitter. Passed some few unoccupied chairs, one wooden stool and a very long bench. He just mumbled as he moved towards that same sofa again. Then X called out to him:

X:Excuse me sir

Rich guy: what do you want mad man

X: please find yourself another seat

Rich guy: hey wena, just mind your madness. Who are you to tell me where not to sit

X: I might be mad to you but I still know what I’m saying

Rich guy: nxa, get lost you piece of thing

X: don’t say I didn’t tell you

The rich guy drowns himself in the sofa and starts talking to the other men around him. They converse for around 20 minutes and his trousers starts feeling wet.

Another man: so when are you going to Brazil again

Rich guy: I don’t usually plan such journeys, whenever I just feel like I wanna go I just go and spend my time. Those are the kind of the things you with money. Even the tuxedo I’m putting on right now, I bought it in Italy last week

Another man: so you have been to so many places

Rich man: so many places my friends…whoa whoa, something is wrong here (touching the back of his trousers)

X: I told you

Rich guy: told me what

X: not to sit on that sofa

Rich guy: what!

X: yes and you told me to get lost. Only if you knew

Rich guy: know what

X: if you knew what happened

Rich guy: what happened

X: the old drunkard in the neighbourhood yesterday had too much to drink and wet his pants when he slept there last night

Rich guy: what!!

X: I just told you

Rich guy: you mean?… Hee

X: mean what

Rich guy: I sat on that fool’s urine with my tuxedo

X: I’m sure that’s what I said except the fool part

Rich guy: Oh My God

X: what has he done now

Rich guy: you keep quiet, can’t you see my tuxedo is applied

X: I can see it but I don’t see where God comes in

The whole crowd bursts into laughter and the rich guy walked out of the yard. Every eye was focused on him and most fingers pointing at him. Multiple smiles also were on the people’s faces. His figure was never seen again at the funeral.


No matter who you are or what you are, learn to listen to people advising you no matter who they are or what they are.

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