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Refrain from shooting arrows by Hannah

I was taking a walk at lunch time with an acquaintance I met at a training. Ahead of us, I saw an haggard looking man. I felt the urge to give him a note, not a coin. We were almost by his side when I drew out my wallet and I found 2 notes. I thought a coin will do but then I pulled out a note and gave him.


The acquaintance told me “oh you are helping his drug habit”. I asked her, ‘why do you think he is a drug addict?’ But then, I ignored and carried on.


We walked a few steps and we decided to go back, so we do not miss our way, as it was our second time in that city. Suddenly she tapped me and asked him to look in the other direction. I saw the man I had given the note to, holding a burger he had bought, was collecting a bottle of water and paying at the same time. I gave my acquaintance a face and we both smiled.


Please may I ask you to stop shooting arrows at people. When we look at people just in the first instance, we judge them. We judge people by their clothing, the job they do, so bad we judge people by their stature. Let us be mindful, look for basic goodness in others and give others the benefit of doubt.


It will not only give us joy but make us a better person.


Have a blessed week.

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