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Do not let someone dream for you by Jurgen Namupira Troy

Today we are going to look at people living in other people’s shadows.

Its a bit funny but it is a serious matter. As you grew up you had a great pick in colors. All the imaginary pictures you created were magnificent. You fell in love with the art and it became your dream. All this while your father was dreaming of you being a medical practitioner.

This is where all trouble arises. Him, being a dreamer for your own dreams means your actual dreams don’t count anymore in your life. At this point we get a boy or girl being steered into being someone unlike the original him/her. At the end of the day we have three kinds of people.

These are the three kinds of people;

1) We end up having someone who always wishes it was friday on a monday. The simple reasons are he is either studying what he has no passion in or he is doing a job that does not bring him joy. This is the kind of person who then ends up existing rather than living.

2) we end up seing a nobody in somebody. Most people who did not achieve anything did not fail out of ignorance. It is because of a misled past. Some people thought what they thought was best for someone who had a capacity to think. These kinds of people therefore, also end up just existing because they did not have anything to do with the mapping of their future. They just followed a predetermined path and jammed when they hit a bump. This was the end of the road for them.

3) some are asked to study because they have to impress the public. The good part about these people is they achieve whatever it is they pursue but they have one huge problem. They never do anything for themselves but rather for others. They end up being puppets in their abilities.

These are the three kinds of people who are living under other people’s shadows. They all have one mistake in common . They all stopped dreaming because someone had a different dream from theirs.

Today’s motivation:

Do not let someone dream for you. Dream in your own capacity and pursue your dreams to enjoy your life.


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