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African Son {Chapter 8} by Namupira Jurgen Troy

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The following morning the DA’s office was on fire. Crazy old guys were on his case so early. Before he could even check in they were already waiting for him by his door.

“Good morning my elders,” he said trying to act so innocent.

All the old men looked at him with disgust and one of them responded.

“Young man there is nothing good about the morning just open up this office we have a serious issue to discuss.”

His facial expression turned and looked confused. The tone had assured him that hell has broken loose and fallen hard on him.

“Please come in,” he said as he directed them inside is office.

“Of course!” whispered one of the old guys.

When they were all inside he made sure to close the door behind him and face the rage of the old guys without drawing external attention.

“My elders, is anything a matter and how can I help you?” he said as he adjusted his chair to an upright sitting position. He put his arms on his desk to hear what they had to say.

Then the leader burst all of a sudden, “Young man, do you have any respect for the spirits of the long gone freedom fighters.”

“Yes I do baba,” he responded.

“Nonsense, Don’t play with us okay,” Mhizha interjected. “Do you know the consequences of what you are doing? Your father would have been disappointed in you if he was alive.”

“Take it easy Mhizha,” the leader pleaded with him.

“But we can’t sit here and listen to this young boy play with our minds. He cannot even respect our ancestors, this is the kind that would take our land back to the bad people,” Mhizha interjected once again.

By this time the DA now had an idea of what the issue was all about. However he could not say anything now. All the elders were now arguing before him with the likes of Mhizha pressing that they should not waste time with this young man and just give him the warning.

Meanwhile, the DA just sat in his chair and the leader decided to give in to Mhizha’s argument.

“Now listen here young man, we respected your father because he was wise. He considered the people around him and we expect the same from you. You have proved to be an opposite of him. Feed this into your scope and understand it very well. Masimba is the pride of this village and he is not going anywhere. Tell that friend of yours to find land somewhere else because we will teach him a lesson his father was so ignorant to not have taught him.”

The DA sunk in his chair ashamed now. He never thought the whole village would rise against him. What had he gotten himself into now? He was pretty sure that he wanted the people’s support to consolidate his job.

“Oh! Ancestors of this land have mercy on your son,” he thought to himself as the old guys continually shouted in his face.

“We shall be on our way now but remember our words,” they said to him but he could not answer with shame covering him.

The elders left one after the other mumbling to each other with other pointing their old fingers at him.

What was next besides giving his partner from the city feedback on how the issues had taken a new twist? It was time now that he withdrew from the deal. He had his family’s name to save here.


To be continued…

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