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Cheer up, it’ll be okay by Jurgen Namupira Troy


You just had a hectic day at work and your boss is always on your case. He won’t even allow you a peace of mind even when you are at home.

Ngrr ngrr!

You: Eish, this job is hell on earth, it’s Friday evening an this guy won’t let me be

You pick up the phone:

Boss: Hello

You: hello sir

Boss: did you receivemy email

You: no, what’s up

Boss: I just sent you a project proposal you need to work on

You: but it’s weekend sir

Boss: I know

You: I don’t work during the weekend sir

Boss: do you still want to work even during the week

You: OK sir I will work on it

Boss: good, hand it in first thing Monday morning

Immediately he hangs up.

Two beeps.

You check your laptop and the email has just got in.

You: Oh My God! This is not easy stuff

Wife: what’s wrong my love

You: some people are heartless. How can he send me such a proposal for the weekend. This will swallow my weekend

Wife: you need to keep your job just work on it consciously.

You: but it’s weekend

Wife: I know, you go to rest now. Tomorrow you work on it

You both go to bed and the night passes by.

The following morning your wife wakes you up so early. She hands you your tracksuit and tackies. She holds your hand, pulls you outside and locks the door. To your surprise you go out on foot besides the fact that there are two fully serviced cars in the garage.

You walk down to the road and find yourself setting on a bench in the park.

The atmosphere is so pleasant that you feel so motivated. The sweet breeze calms your spirit and you feel so full of energy. The wonderful nature gets your mind running. Seeing the dogs chasing butterflies and yellow birds flying around sparks the creativity in your skull. After almost an hour of a relaxed sit in the park you return home. Your wife prepares your breakfast whilst you are showering. After showering you sit on you laptop and work without any complaints.


You shout at the top of your voice “I’m done!” Your wife shows up smiling and asks,

Wife: how are you feeling now

You: I’m perfect, enjoyed the stuff

Wife: Really

You: of course


It’s Monday morning at wort now

You: morning sir

Boss: morning, how are you

You: I’m alright sir, here’s the project

The boss goes through it and looks into your eyes. He smiles delightedly;

Boss: this is awesome

You: thank you sir

Boss: prepare you and your wife, next month you will be in Dubai officiating our new project.


There are times things seem to be mounting up on you and you are always complaining. You only need two things to give you the right direction.

1:- someone close to you who will tell you to calm down and take care of you

2:- take a time out and appreciate nature. It activates the functionality of your mind.

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