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Don’t worry by YakekponoAbasi Adams

Don’t worry if your lover

Does not treat you right.

Come with me, every piece

I write will bear your name.

Don’t worry if your parents

Do not like me. We’ll find an

Abode under fern leaves,

Where they’ll never find us.

Don’t worry if I can’t afford a

Three-square meal. I will write

More and publish all my works;

We’ll have more than enough.

Don’t worry about those cheats

In the government. Soon, they’ll

Be overthrown and the country

Will be governed by you and I.

Don’t worry about what people

Will say. We will rule with our

Heads held high; nobody will

Dare to slander our names.

Don’t worry about inflation.

Soon, poems will become

International currency and

We’ll buy all we want to buy.

Don’t worry for the poor.

There will be involuntary

Euthanasia for those who

Are afflicted by poverty.

Don’t worry for the homeless.

They will be given shelter and

Of course, they will also be

Well-taken care of by you and I.

Don’t worry for the wicked.

We will try to fight off evil

With good. And if that doesn’t

work out well, so help us God.

Don’t worry because of the

Rain. The streets will be covered

By beautiful rose flowers all in

The shades of your best colour.

Don’t worry because of the evil

That is in this world. You will

Be protected by grace and no

Evil shall befall you in any way.

So, don’t worry because we’ll

Not have any kind of challenge.

Everything is going to be okay

With us, today and tomorrow.

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