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Sunday by YakekponoAbasi Adams

Well, when I woke up this

Morning, it was a Sunday.

The birds were singing the

Night away. Someone was

Playing Gospel songs three

Rooms away from mine. Haha!

They do that only on Sundays!

With sleepy eyes, I stumble out

Of bed. First to the refrigerator

For a glass of water. It is my

Room, remember? I know my

Way around. Switching on the

Light, I glance at the wall clock.

It’s 5 o’clock and I’m feeling fine.

My stocking is on the chair. My

7 New Week Resolutions are

Pinned on the wall. I think about

The past week and I tell you, I

Almost cried. Ever had some

Crazy weeks? Phew! That one

Was right at the top of my list.

So, it’s all the best for the week

Ahead. Well, I hope so. Now, my

Eyes are sharp. Not in the least

Way am I staggering. I bowed

And I prayed. I actually rushed

Because I had to prepare for

Church. I didn’t want to be late.

I hadn’t ironed my dress. I hadn’t

Prepared the accessories I’d use.

Maybe I should have woken up

Earlier. I shrugged. It wasn’t time

To lay blames. Multitasking has

Always been my thing. Today,

It came in handy. It had to.

I stood in front of the mirror.

Alas! I was dazed at what I saw.

It was worth it, after all. I couldn’t

Bring myself to glance at the clock.

As I dashed off, I could only hope

I wasn’t late. You should have seen

Me this Sunday. I looked superb.

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