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Open your own chapter by Jurgen Namupira Troy

Today’s piece is going to be short and taking reference from reality. However, don’t focus on your knowledge of the names I will quote but the morale behind the issue.

The topic for today will be OPEN YOUR OWN CHAPTER.

Although David was a great king and servant of God there is one interesting that catches my attention. Amongst all the great works he did his son is the one who built the temple of the Lord.

Let’s go to Joshua; Moses brought the children of Israel out of Egypt and at night they had to be led by a great light wherever they went. For Joshua it was a different case, the sun had to pause until he was satisfied that he has succeeded.

What am driving us to? It doesn’t matter the extremes that those who preceded you reached. You have the ability to open your own chapter and close it. Fair and fine.

This might sound as easy as A B C but there is more beyond that. When Solomon was asked what he wants he asked for Wisdom, that’s intelligence.

When the sun was about to set, Joshua prayed that it stops moving until he wins the war. That was Faith and courage. He understood the spirit he was operating in, it never fails anyone.

It doesn’t matter if your bloodline is the actual definition of failure it doesn’t mean you are automatically a failure. The moment you become comfortable with the mediocrity surrounding your family that’s when you lose it all.

You need Intelligence, Faith and Courage to open your own chapter.

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