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African Son {Chapter 10} by Jurgen Namupira Troy

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PROSECUTOR: Your honor, allow me to call the defendant to the witness box.

The judge then nodes his head and Tichaona walks into the witness box. One police man brings forth a bible and slides it under his palm. The officer takes Tichaona through an oath taking and withdraws the bible after that.

The prosecutor reminded Tichaona of his charges. His offence was evicting someone from a land that is under state name. Masimba got his plot through the land reform program and had every right over it except sell or tenure it.

Tichaona was served accordingly with hot and dry questions that were inevitable. Whenever the prosecutor would launch a question the defending lawyer would jump in to save poor Tichaona who was like poor Moses. His lawyer was the Aaron who would talk on behalf of him so the debate turned out to be between the two lawyers.

The debate went on and on with the prosecutor firing bullets at Tichaona and only his lawyer was in a position to answer them. There was determination to see Tichaona fall swiftly like an avalanche. He had no room to defend himself before the court and justify his acts. On the verge of cracking before the judge that is when the defending lawyer stood the ground and turned the table upside down.

“Your honor!” he said and paused. “Seeing my client standing in that box he is under pressure. Everything now seems like it was his initial scheme but there was a man playing behind the scenes.”

“What do you mean?” asked the judge adjusting his posture in his large chair.

“Your honor my client was just a desperate man with the necessary resources but they were mistakenly directed,” the defending lawyer said.

“Your honor the defendant does not have any evidence to hold tight what he is claiming,” the prosecutor interjected.

“Objection overruled,” the judge boasted in his seat.

“But your honor, he is merely killing time for us,” the prosecutor jumped in once again.

“The defendant may proceed,” demanded the judge.

“As I was saying, Mr Tichaona was desperate for land and was sold Mr Tembo’s land unknowingly,” continued the defending lawyer.

The prosecutor objected once again and the judge overruled also. Then a question was posed;

JUDGE: Mr Tichaona, from where did you buy the land

TICHAONA: Your honor I bought it through the DA.

JUDGE: Did you buy it through the DA or from him

TICHAONA: Well your honor I sort of bought it from him

JUDGE: So you paid the DA to give you land

TICHAONA: No your honor, he asked me to pay him and he would…

PROSECUTOR: it is highly evident that there are even more charges against the defendant

JUDGE: What are you insinuating

PROSECUTOR: Well your honor this was a backdoor deal which deems it illegal. Therefore, we have to open another case against the DA.

JUDGE: I understand your verdict. The court is adjourned for three weeks. The DA has to appear in court during the next session.

Although the defending lawyer had managed to twist the issue against Ben, Tichaona was still drowning in hot soup. Would the three weeks posed by the judge yield him more chances to save his client? It was now fingers crossed for Tichaona and finally Masimba stood from his seat from behind the prosecutor. They shook hands and Masimba took his leave from the court room.


To be continued…

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