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Destined for a perfect future by Jurgen Namupira Troy

Have you been to a site where they are building up a septic tank?

If your answer was yes then understanding this won’t be a problem for you. Allow me to give a brief background information for those who said no.

When building a septic tank, it is nothing different from building a house. They use brick, cement and even brick force. The walls are nicely brought up using a spirit level to make sure they are not at an angle. They are wonderfully plastered like a precious house. Furthermore, the base has a perfect floor.

Understand this, regardless of what will come into the septic tank, the builder puts his best into building a septic tank. A beautiful structure is built to accommodate human waste.

No matter how low or useless you can seem to be in this world you a wonderful place waiting for you. When your creator made you, he had the perfect place for your destiny as someone whom the world regarded as useless.


If waste is destined for a perfect structure then you are destined for the perfect future.

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