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Variation by Dauda Onawola

The day will soon be over

and the night will take over.

The dotless skin will get folds,

that is the blessing of age

when the young shall get old.

Time-smile induced

physical incapabilities.

What a transition?!

Courtesy of time.


These are the words;

while you can, please do,

while you are, please be.

The redolence or rancor of old age

shan’t be tasted by all.


But then, night is not the end of time.

Again, the day will come over

bringing forth yesterday in deeds

making the cycle complete in its characteristics.

Here or hereafter,

today haunts tomorrow.


Today answers the call of yesterday

and so shall tomorrow honor today

until there is no day again when

the day and night will be dark.

In honor of Mathematics,

the mother of science,

”there is direct variation between

deeds and rewards with the circle of light

as the constant”.

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