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Never wear out your patience by Jurgen Namupira Troy

Sitting on the train from somewhere going somewhere. However, the train is still at the station fully packedband it’s departure has been delayed.

The lady on the speaker is regularly adding minutes to the time which the train is delayed.

Remember I am sitting on the train and is full which means some are standing wishing they were occupying my seat.

As time passes by I grow impatient and decide to get off and rather catch a minibus than sitting forever.

As I stepped outside the train the whistle is blown from the control room alarming us to stand clear of the doors. The train is about to depart from the station and I am standing outside the same train. I quickly jump back in and the passage is congested and I can’t walk back to my former seat. The truth is even if I walked back there it would be a waste of time because I see someone has already inherited it. I am standing all the way to my destination when I was once one of the few sitting a short moment ago.

Note: if I had been more patient, I would have enjoyed my journey sitting in the train. As a result of impatience I am travelling on my feet in a train. I managed to bear with the 30 minutes there was announcement of the delay and decided to give up at a later stage.


Learn to be a little bit more patient when you have been patient for quite a long time. It’s almost time when you feel like giving up.

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