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African Son {Chapter 13} by Jurgen Namupira Troy

Read the previous chapter here.

The following morning Ben went AWOL. It was Saturday and he never worked during the weekends. Mamoyo sent her eldest son to fetch her phone so that she would follow up on her husband; they were supposed to take the children to the circus.

Ben was nowhere to be found. His phone was switched off and the more Mamoyo tried calling the more she got worried. This was now a cause for alarm and started calling on friends and family if they had come across her husband. She reached everyone she could but all to no avail.

She dashed into her bedroom and wept bitterly; she went down on her knees and prayed for strength. Tables were turning upside down in her mind and she was on the verge of a breakdown.

At midday Mamoyo took her two sons and they went out. She tried to hide her pain but the eldest noticed her anguish through her silence.

“Mom, why are you so silent?” he asked hoping for an honest response.

“Nothing my son, I’m just thinking about something,” responded Mamoyo in a cracked voice.

“Are we still going to circus…where is father?” enquired the youngest boy.

“He…he…he is coming soon Tapiwa,” Mamoyo didn’t know what to tell her sons.

They arrived at her mother’s place who had always been proud of her grandsons. They ran and hugged their grandmother with smiles all over their faces. Mamoyo managed to fake her own smile but the more she smiled the more her heart bled. Grandmother kissed her two boys on the foreheads and directed them inside where their cousin sister was watching television.

Mamoyo remained outside with her mother and they spoke for some few minutes. She explained to her mother what had happened the previous night, how they went to bed not talking to each other and he suddenly disappeared in the morning. Later on she asked her mother to look after the boys as she went to report a missing person at the police station.

Her mother agreed to look after the boys and Mamoyo left in a rush but with a confused mind.

At the police station she was made to wait endlessly. There was no one to attend her as most of the police officers had gone out on various duties and those around were about their own businesses. Sitting on the bench she began to weep again.

Fortunately, officer in charge walked in and noticed her on the bench;

“Madam, what is wrong?” asked the officer.

“Sir, I came here to report a missing person and no one has attended me for close to an hour now,” she struggled to bring her words out clearly.

“When did the person we are talking about go missing?”

“He just left home unannounced this morning and has not been in contact since then.”

The officer took out his notebook and started taking down notes as Mamoyo spoke. Suddenly the officer was taken aback when Mamoyo described her husband’s car.

“Wait a moment madam! did you say he drove a white Peugeot?”

“Yes officer,” she said surprised by the question.

“I am sorry I might have bad news for you,” he said wiping his forehead.

“We found the car this morning towards the exit of the village. The car had hit against the old tree by the roadside but there was no one inside. As of now we are suspecting someone must have saved the victims of the accident and taken them somewhere and we have deployed search teams to look for the owner of the car.”

Mamoyo’s ears grew too small for what she had just heard. Her heart could not contain the whole tragedy she was going through. She broke into a loud cry and the officer took her inside whilst he tried to console her. He assured her that every necessary measure was being taken to recover her husband.



Could Ben be safe wherever he could be?


To be continued…

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