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Your future lies in your hands by Jurgen Namupira Troy

I was that kind of boy who played with all kinds of people. I came all sorts of social circles. Back then and even today my best friend was of the opposite sex.

Listen what they used to tell my mother now:

“Hee, watch out for your son lady. Do you know the kind of company he keeps? They are all bad influences and he will turn into a hooligan in no time.”

Others were like, “Mrs Namupira you will be a grandmother and mother in law soon. Your son is always embracing ladies everywhere he is nowadays.”

Understand this, this was just noise to my ears by unprincipled people. They lacked protocol, instead of approaching me and seek clarity on how I was living my life they would go behind my back and preach bad news. At the end of the day I was deemed a lost soul in the eyes of those who believed these rumors.

Fortunately, it’s been over five years since then and I’m still single and changing lives through my works. I have become a motivational speaker and writer who has helped the hopeless see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Unfortunately, for most of the rumor mungors I have decided to burn the bush and let the baboons suffer. They are drastically suffering from disappointment wondering how come their decent children ended up being what they foresaw as me. Most of them have crossed over into parenthood during teenage and some are reckless thugs spending the days under bridges. I am the one who writes against their immoral activities.


No matter what they say with regards to who you will be, as long as it is negative consider it as noise. You are the one who determines who you will be, outsiders are there to either motivate or pull you down.

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