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Get It Right | Youth Shades TV

Get It Right is an online TV show recorded and hosted on Youth Shades TV, which seeks to correct negative behavior and encourage positive attitudinal changes in youths.


When our youths misplace priorities, it wreaks havoc. Looking around us, youths are the central hub of life and as such, the ones more likely to make or mar our society.

Get It Right, hosted by YakekponoAbasi Adams, is a solidarity call to well-meaning individuals to help curb youthful lamentable exorbitances.



While acting as a disciplinary force to achieve societal efficiency, Get It Right educates and also entertains.

Each subject of talk on Get It Right Show has five (5) segments which are:

1. Discussion: Guests are invited to air their views on a particular theme.

2. Vox Pop: Short, informal, non-prearranged interviews are conducted with members of the public to bare their minds on the theme of the Show’s episode.

3. Game: The guests play games such as riddles, puzzles, current affairs, etc, to test their minds.

4. Fun Facts: The Presenter brings to light random and less-known general facts.

5. Conclusion: Winners are awarded prizes and the host summarizes all the points made by the guest speakers as well as other members of the public.



Watch Episode 1 of Get It Right NOW.

Watch Get It Right every Friday on our YouTube Channel: Youth Shades and please subscribe to us as well.

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