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African Son {Chapter 16} by Jurgen Namupira Troy

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Two men walked into the main building by the police station. One was all in bandages with the mouth and eyes only visible. The other was a sangoma who had with him his kit and looked so strange. All the officers were surprised by how they walked in, the bandaged man was hesitant but the sangoma (herbalist/spiritual doctor) kept moving without looking back.

Inside the charge office they met with officer Munikwa who was the officer in charge. Mr Munikwa was a giant with a protruding chest and broad shoulders. Just by looking into his face you would restrain from wasting his time. The man in bandages could not continually look at him but just made one quick look and turned his face away. Mr Munikwa was talking to the sangoma who did not seem disturbed by the looks of the giant.

Mr Munikwa took the two men into his office and made them feel comfortable; he really needed to understand their motif. The sangoma began to narrate the situation to Mr Munikwa;

“You see Munikwa this man here is a member of this village,” he said.

“What do you mean?” asked Mr Munikwa.

“Well, this is what happened; the spirits of this land sent me to take care of this young man when he was destined for the worst. The crash he had was supposed to take his life but he was quite fortunate the sacred eye was upon him. I took him out of the car but the spirit did not allow me to take him to the hospital but treat him in my own traditional ways.”

“Wait a moment, where did you find him?” asked Mr Munikwa once again.

“On your way towards the city there is a huge old tree by the roadside. His car hit on the tree and went unconscious…”

“Ben! You mean to say this is the DA…”

“Yes officer,” answered the man in bandages. “I almost died but it seems my ancestors still want me alive. Life wanted to give me a premature death but sekuru (herbalist/spiritual doctor) here saved me.”

“Khumalo!” shouted out Mr Munikwa.

“Yes sir!” saluted Khumalo as he marched into the Officer in Charge’s office.

“I want you to be quick right, here are my car keys. Rush to the DA’s home and bring his wife with you immediately,” immediately Khumalo turned and flew out of the office.

There was still a lot to explain but Ben was still in pain and the sangoma could only speak a lot.


The coincidence was dramatic and at the same time convenient. When Khumalo got to the DA’s home a taxi was also dropping Mamoyo from the hospital. She had just been discharged from the last time she had collapsed.

“Madam, I’m sorry but you should come with me. That is the command I have been given,” said Khumalo.

“My son, but my daughter is not yet fit to be going around. The Doctor recommended her to take adequate rest,” said Mamoyo’s mother.

“I understand mother. However, I am just working under instructions from my superior,” he said trying to make them understand his situation.

“Let me go with him mother,” said Mamoyo. “After all I’m feeling better now.”

“Are you sure you can go and you will be alright,” enquired Mamoyo’s mother.

“I will be fine mother.”

“Ok then, but officer take it easy on her. She has been in the hospital for the past week.”

Mamoyo and Khumalo both entered the car and disappeared around the corner leaving Mamoyo’s mother deep in sorrow.

“My daughter has really suffered,” she said and shrugged her shoulders. All she hoped for was for her daughter to at least receive good news.



Was there a reason for the ancestors to save Ben?


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