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Black Girl Blues by Chanda Medley Chongo

She had bright-carved sparkling teeth,

drawn from her gums, she acquit.

Fired from her lips,

a blazing kiss she glared with cheeks,

sizzling tongues of black teens,

lass and little boys she jinxed.

Her hair black,

natural and beautiful,

curled like spring,

strings we all thought she twisted for Kings,

were just a piece of robust flings

she invented from her thrilling love for black

’cause in bleaching she never wanted to lurk.

Black girl she is,

damseled and beautiful

too youthful to carry faded strands on her head,

she mirrored herself in between blackened palms,

tracing her fingers on the dark skin

with love and muse

she learnt how to embrace with glee.

Black girl blues,

rules on how to glow without fuss;

She loved no glittering shoes,

with reed-flip-flops

drifting her feet on ancient sands,

she journeyed across a million stars

and glowed red like Mars.

She knited the sun on her laces,

a smile on her face,

and caged the sight of many faces.

And yet,

the dark colour knitted on her skin

blossomed from the blue blues,

mysteries her mother never drew in the cheeks of her ears.


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