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Delay is not denial by Jurgen Namupira Troy

Today I’m going to talk about one other thing I have learnt from a personal experience. For my Ordinary level I was in a sciences class. Then somehow by the grace of God I found myself doing A level arts.

I went past the whole 2 A level years, became the President of Public Speaking and debating club at my school in the final year. I became so obsessed about the art of writing and speaking such that writing became a daily habit. I did not understand where all the ideas were coming from but I always found myself writing.

The next year I found myself in a technical college studying electronics. So basically this was the transition;

Sciences to Arts then back to Sciences.

So, what am I trying to say?

Sometimes it seems like I wasted to years when I could have gone straight into college without doing A level arts. Actually that is what I thought also before I took time to contemplate on the situation.

Before I found myself sitting in an Arts class, I did not care much about writing. One day I found myself in a shop and just picked up a small hard cover manuscript and paid for it by the counter. I started copying the styles employed by the poets in the poems we analysed in class. I did it over and over again until I came up with my first poem entitled “She Brings Me Joy And Happiness”.

The ” She” in topic was by no means a human being but just education. This poem was mistakenly read by someone someday and she preached it everywhere. I did not know that is what had happened and when walked into class everyone started cheering. I was confused and my desk mate came to my rescue and told me how all the guys had been impressed by the poem. My first experimental poem had become the topic of the day. From then I didn’t stop writing.

Fast forward.

One day as I sat thinking to myself, I tried to understand the essence of the two years I spent in A level. That’s is when I realized that the two years I spent had purpose. A purpose to unearth unidentified talent in me. Because of the two years out of the twenty years I have existed on earth I came to a point of self realization. Only God knows why he had to keep me that long before I could know my talent.


Whatever situation you find yourself in, make an effort to realize the purpose behind that. Only God knows why you are in that position at that certain time.


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