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African Son {Chapter 17} by Jurgen Namupira Troy

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Khumalo brought in a packet with ice in it and handed it over to Ben who held it to over Mamoyo’s head. Mamoyo had landed her head hard on the floor and she was in pain.


When Mr Munikwa saw Khumalo drive in through the window and decided to meet them outside. He asked Mamoyo to take a seat by the reception because they wanted to have a brief talk before proceeding to the next room. After a short conversation Mamoyo’s face lightened up when Mr Munikwa told her that Ben was in his office.

“Let us go and meet your husband madam,” said Mr Munikwa.

“Of course, what are we still waiting for?” burst Mamoyo with a happiness on top of her voice.

Mr Munikwa led the way to the office and Mamoyo followed. Unfortunately, upon opening the door Mamoyo’s happy face disappeared. She looked at the other man but she could not recognize him because he was bandaged. To make matters worse, she had never met the second man. She stood still by the door and pointed to the two men although confused.

“Where is he officer?” she asked hoping for a better response.

Mr Munikwa did not respond but the bandaged man stood on his feet. With his face down he called out her name;

“Mamoyo,” he said.

“Huh!” exclaimed Mamoyo. “Officer you mean this is Ben, what kind of game are you playing with me?” Mamoyo did not believe anything that was going on around her.

Ben raised his face and looked straight into Mamoyo’s eyes. It was like she saw a ghost and she screamed and the next moment a thud was heard. Her head had met with the floor and Ben was so fast to raise his wife and placed her head on his lap. Fortunately she regained her consciousness but she complained her head was in pain. That was when Khumalo brought in the ice to ease the pain before she went to the hospital.

Once again, the sangoma narrated the twist of events from how he found Ben in a wreck and nursed him up until the ancestors commanded him to return him home.

“Ben should have perished on the crash,” said the sangoma and Mamoyo held her head weeping. “Luckily he has a mission the spirits want him to complete and he has come back to do the right thing,” continued the sangoma.

“What do you mean by the right thing,” asked Mr Munikwa.

“Well officer, only Ben will have a response to that when he is ready. My work is done here and I shall take my leave,” declared the sangoma.

He placed his hand on Ben’s head together with his wife also and said no more. He just walked out of the room silent like he has just completed a ritual. After a few seconds something clicked in Mr Munikwa’s head and he ran after the sangoma.

“Where is he?” asked Mr Munikwa.

“Who?” said the lady sitting by the reception.

“The herbalist who came in earlier with the bandaged man,” responded Mr Munikwa.

“I’m sorry sir but no one came past here.”

Mr Munikwa ordered everyone to search the whole station but the sangoma was nowhere to be found. He had vanished into thin air and no one understood the mystery. Ben offered to take them where he had been staying with the sangoma but to his surprise there was not a single hut. Everything had disappeared including the cattle that he had seen in the kraal behind the huts over the months. There was no sign of any building having built there before and no cattle grazed in the area.



What is your assumption on the sangoma?


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