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How To Adjust With Your Roommate To Have A Great Time by Shanaya Mehta

If you are a young working executive or a student staying in a house for rent in Chennai or elsewhere, it is evident of the fact that you might have to share the flat or the apartment with a roommate. The very obvious reason is because the pricing is high, and you cannot afford the rent alone; thus, sharing the expense will be a great help to you.

Your Roommate Is A Different Person

When you are living with a roommate, you have to understand that he or she is a different individual with variant habits and ways of life. There is bound to be disagreements and arguments, even on minute things and thus, there can be conflicts as well. In such cases, one of you needs to adjust and handle the situation wisely, without making it ugly and inconvenient.

Take The First Step

Don’t you think it is better if you take the first initiative in compromising or adjusting with your roommate and enjoy a good time? There is no harm in taking the first step towards maintaining peace and a comfortable relationship between you two, without incurring any fights and quarrels. There must be respect from both ends if you and your roommate want to live with peace of mind.

Don’t Judge Your Roommate

It is always suggested that you should not judge your roommate over his/her attitude on certain things. You never know what is going on in your roommate’s life. You must be flexible and understand his/her situation, show consideration and accommodate accordingly. If your flat mate is stressed out and in anxiety, give him/her some time to relax and if required, you can have a conversation as well and try to help solve the issue.

Communication Is Essential

Like any other relationship, when you are sharing your apartment with another individual, it is important to have communication between both of you. You both can become friends and share about the experiences of your lives. In case there is any problem between both of you, it is better to talk and solve it sooner, rather than delaying it and stretching the issue further for no reason. If there is no proper communication between both of you, it is difficult to have a good relationship.

Pay On Time And Carry Out Your Part Of Household Chores

You must remember that you owe half of the rent’s amount to your roommate. You must make sure that you pay your portion on time so that there is no delay. In case your roommate doesn’t pay on time, ask him/her politely to pay. Furthermore, you must make sure to carry out all your household chores and other responsibilities without relying on your roommate.


While you are staying in a rental apartment or flat and sharing it with a roommate, you must make sure that you make every possible means to adjust to the flat mate and be helpful and kind enough as well.

About The Author

Shanaya Mehta is a self-driven freelance writer, passionate about life and work. Seeking freelancing writing assignments, she reads and writes on emerging and evolving trends on technology, politics and real estate insights. Besides these professional tactics, she is fond of swimming, cooking and trekking.


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