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When we part by Electrifying Imoh

When shall we part?

Until the rat

Kills the cat

When man has no heart


When the cart

Outruns the car,

And Aladdin’s mat

Goes for a spa


When nights last 24 hours,

And earth has no more flowers.

When a bird’s beak

Cannot again seed pick.


When beauty becomes the beast

And undertakes the quest.

When the East

Meets the West.


When the sun’s turned off,

And the moon’s quenched.

When the Three Idiots

Become sworn enemies


When Cinderella’s shoes

Become flats.

And a Dwarf woos

Snow White


When fire freezes

But ice burns.

Birds live underwater

And snakes walk on two


When Simba

Is Pumba

And Timon

Becomes a baboon


When Everest becomes a dwarf

And a joker doesn’t laugh.

When time runs backward

But age goes forward


When spiders have no web

And God’s at ebb.

When fish can’t swim

And evil wins


When love breeds hate

And hate means love.

When the sky is empty

Cos all the stars have fallen off


When love dies,

And lies

Become true

Only then, shall we part.


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