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Damn Thing Called Love By Octobias Obie and YakekponoAbasi Adams

It is so pure and innocent, like a new born baby. It is honest and caring. It makes teenagers to act like adults, and vice-versa.


It causes roses to fall in love with mankind. Love doesn’t hurt always, but sometimes. It brings happiness into someone’s heart.


Love says: “If you need me, prove it. If you want me, say it. Above all, if you love me, show it.”


Oh, damn thing called love! When it hits you, it hits hard and stings like a scorpion. You either take the fall, or you stand tall.


It is so painful, it feels like you have been hit by a car or run over by a train. It feels like your life has been renewed.


Sweet dreams become your best friends. Gifts are now your regular visitors. It wants you to say: “I need you, I want you and I love you”.


Sometimes, this damn thing called love does hurt a lot. When you give yourself to someone, and the person keeps hurting and pushing you away.


When that one person makes you cry day and night, and regret being in love. To date an onion, as a matter of fact, will be better.


It hurts to be like a mirror on the wall, only telling others how beautiful they are, without knowing exactly what you look like.


Oh, damn thing called love, you’re the best! When you rule hearts, the weak become strong and the broken become mended. I love this damn thing called love.



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