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You are a survivor by Jurgen Namupira Troy

In a foreign land I’ve strode my feet upon different grounds. On it’s streets I have learnt the uncertainties of this thing we call life.

In a country that boasts of the brightest economy in Africa I have come across the worst levels of poverty. Everyday when I am enroute to wherever I will be going I come across acrimonious figures. I see a man, just like me, putting on his full wardrobe begging for change by the roadside. As I walk past the bridge, I see neatly mended plastics that resemble camping tents. Oh yes! I applaud the innovation but is it safe for a human being to be sleeping in a plastic under the bridge. They simply do not have alternatives because they are surrounded by poverty. These are the same people who are in a economically shinning country. In the state of Azania I have seen people suffering, some sleeping in flower beds.

This got me thinking now, do I really need an economy to live a good or bad life? My answer was no, I need myself, my brains and ability to live a good life. Back home I would say there even less beggars as compared to what I have seen in this land. For that reason I would like to applaud the Zimbabwean man and woman for taking responsibility and not minding the economy. You have survived the phase without ending up in the streets begging.



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