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African Son {Chapter 19} by Jurgen Namupira Troy

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Fortunately, the children had a very good night sleep. However, in the next room the reverse was also true for their father. He was taken so far away in his sleep by long gone souls. They were highly bitter at him and never gave him time to say anything. They walked down an eerie path and on the sides he saw the bodies of dead freedom fighters. Up ahead he saw a huge fire ablaze and it made the whole scene so bright.

Around the fire were a bunch of old men who looked straight at the flames. They did not move or say anything and amongst them was a young man. He sat on a distinct seat different from everyone else’s seat; his seemed more superior. It glittered from a distance and the young man also shined in it.

As they drew closer and closer Ben was surprised at what he saw with his bare eyes. The young man on the glittering seat was Masimba and the old men were the deceased old men from the village. He then raised his face to look at the two men he was walking and he almost broke loose and went astray. The two men held on tightly to him and they were Mr Tembo and his own father Mr Phiri.

Mr Tembo and Mr Phiri sat on the other side of the fire with Ben in between them. Then the other old guys started singing traditional songs praising the young man sitting on the glittering chair. After a short moment Nehanda and Kaguvi walked out of nowhere with Kaguvi holding a hoe and Nehanda a handful of maize seed. They both handed him what was in their grasp and all was in the eyes of my dear Ben. They blessed him and walked towards Ben, Nehanda pointed a finger at Ben and said, “Une basa chikomana(you have work to do young man).”

With those words they took their leave and disappeared into nowhere again. At that moment his wife woke him to have breakfast. At the table Ben could not eat, his mind was still stuck in the dream. Most probably he was thinking what was the purpose of the things Nehanda and Kaguvi handed over to Masimba? Fortunately he was a fast thinker and came to a conclusion; the ancestors had trusted Masimba to provide for all the people they left behind. In the dream, the ancestors had actually blessed him before they turned to give him a warning.

The question now was; what is the work that he has to do? The sangoma also said it before he vanished at the police station.


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